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Getting Carried Away with Scissors!

I don’t know what it is about the change of seasons that always makes me crave a new hair style. I’ll go to the store, try on new outfits and think…”humm, this outfit would look so much better if my hair was like…” (so I chopped it)!

I have actually been thinking about this short cut for a while. I have curly unruly hair; So I can never just wake up and go. For those of you who can….I am seriously jealous!! My hair is a process, and for the longest time I have just been throwing it up in a bun for simple lack of time. Enough was enough; it needed to come off.I needed a change!

I wanted a cut that would be low maintenance but still look edgy. So I turned to Pintrest.  My amazing Stylist, (Suzy at Essence Salon in Cambridge) was (and always is) on board with my drastic decision. As always, she cut it exactly as I envisioned and it felt like 10lbs were lifted off of my shoulders.

I love this cut! Its easy to maintain and takes me 5 minutes in the morning.

so here is the new me!

short hair urban mom design

On a side note: It’s Friday….so have a good one!

XO Thelma