A little of this a little of that and shopping Hauser outdoor furniture…

Happy Friday everyone! Wow…our little family had quite the eventful week!

On a whim, we decided to kick off the past weekend with a stunning house tour of a newly renovated bungalow in my home town of Cambridge. Designed by the super talented Amanda Forrest Interior Design Group and staged with the prettiest décor pieces from The Art of Home; this tiny house was transformed into a glamorous cottage in the city!! I am so looking forward to the full reveal on the Marilyn Denis Show!

amanda On Sunday we threw Miss. Vayda an awesome Sophia the 1st Princess birthday party.  How we have a four year old is beyond me?! I don’t know where time goes, I really don’t! This year I was super excited for her party, as it would probably be her first real memory of her very own birthday. That being said, we wanted to make it extra special and decided that her decorations would be a surprise.  So, Saturday night we tucked her in early and did as any parents would do…we stayed up until 2:00am and went overboard on decorations!  Her excitement on Sunday morning made our late night worth all the while!  It turned out to be an awesome party and we had (as Vayda would say) “the best day ever…”

unnamed (11)


With the busy week behind me, I am looking forward to a relaxing and finally getting a chance to enjoy the outdoors. This awesome weather has me dreaming of creating the perfect backyard oasis, so I thought I would share some inspiration one of my favourite Canadian retailers. Hauser creates some of the most unique and custom pieces that are perfect for any outdoor space.


I love the company for many reasons. First off Hauser is Canadian and let’s face it; we don’t get to say that often enough.  Their upholstered pieces are not only stylish and comfy, but they also come in a multitude of colours giving you tons of design options. Lastly, they really make it easy to create the perfect outdoor space with oversized umbrellas, stylish rugs, lanterns and torches.





Shop on line or visit one of their many showrooms I promise you won’t be disappointed!

With that, I wish you all a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.


Xo Thelma



Urban Cool Playroom…

So, I have to be totally honest. Prior to having children, I cringed at the thought of having brightly coloured toys scattered around the house.  I thought it would make my house look messy, cluttered and disorganized. To me… it was a design “faux pas” right up there with sponge painted walls and carpeted bathroom floors!

“Why do these kids need so many toys anyway?” I would think to myself. But what did I know? I wasn’t a Mom yet!

To put it simply, I had no idea how amazing it would be to see my daughter stack a blocks for the first time. I had no idea that teaching her how to cut a million pieces of paper in my living room would bring me so much joy! And I definitely had no idea that my heart would melt every time my daughter found ANOTHER toy phone and put it to her and said “Mama…”

So I guess you can say that I have come to terms with the clutter. I have learned to embrace our messy toy filled house. That being said however, I still really wish that I had “proper” play room for my girls.

This takes me to the most amazing play room I have ever been in! It belongs to friends of ours and I just love how much thought, love and creativity went into designing this playroom for their sweet little boy.

new picture

Bright, cheerful and fun! All of the furniture was purchased at IKEA.

new 1

new 2

new 7

Picture with words 2

Picture with words 3

picture with words

new 10.jpg

This room definitely has it all! A modern look that ties in to the décor of the house. The coolest fixtures and furnishings and anything else a child would need to let his or her imagination run free!

So with that I say, just let kids be kids! Let them have their own little space, that allows them to grow, play and explore, no matter how messy it gets!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Thelma






Where to find awesome Prints!


Happy Wednesday! This has been a jam packed week….and we’re only 3 days in! On an awesome note, the weather has been amazing and I am so excited for some down time over the weekend!

So, let’s talk about PRINTS! I have been working on some projects that recently sent me on the hunt for some cool prints. They are HUGE right now and I love how they add so much impact at a low price point. Whether you’re looking to dress up a nursery, fill a gallery wall, or frame one individual piece, there are so many on-line options and I thought I would share my top 10 favourites!



These custom prints by Sophie and Lili are overloaded with cuteness!! I absolutely love these prints. You send in your picture and she sends back your very own personalized caricature. How awesome is that?! Price points start at $80.00 and they are worth every penny!


I love Stephanie Sterjovski’s prints! They are bold, graphic and very on trend. I recently purchased her “LOVE” print for a nursery project I had been working on. My clients loved it! When I came across this specific print, I thought it would be the perfect gift for a baptism, first communion or even a confirmation. Cost $15.00.


With all GOLD everything being everywhere right now, this sweet gold foil print by The Paper Shoppe is perfection! Cost: $20.00



Well, this pretty much sums up my life! It’s ok to embrace the “messy” and therefore, I adore this quote. Cost:$12.00

HELLO TOSHAhttp://www.hellotosha.com/shop/never-grow-up

The super talented Tosha Seeholzer has a website filled with amazing graphics and prints. This one in particular pulled on my heart string! “Never grow up…” I am sure every parent feels this way. This would be perfect in a nursery, on a child’s art wall or even in a kid’s bathroom. Cost: $20.00


lately, I have a huge obsession with graphic silhouettes. While searching the web one day, I was beyond excited when I came across this Etsy shop by S. You send them a profile picture, and they send back your very own “custom” silhouette. TADA!!               Cost: $27.91


Sarah Swanson! WoW….so much impact for only $10.00! These clean graphic geometric watercolours have been featured on blogs such as Elliven Studio, The Doctors Closet and In the Fun Lane. At only $10 you would be crazy not to buy 2!

skoope home

This is my girl Shae at Skoope Home! Her larger than life personality, hysterically shines through every single one of her pieces. These prints are sure to make you LOL!           Cost: $12.00


Leave it to Chapters Indigo to always have the prettiest selection of prints! I fell in love with this feminine painting of Peonies in a Vase. Cost: $46.00

My Littlest Print Shop


I love the selection at My Littlest Print Shop. I recently purchased this print for a baby shower sign in. It was a huge hit and is now framed and hanging above the baby’s crib. Cost: Only $5.00….!

So now you know! Hope you enjoyed my post, have a great day Loves!!

Thelma xo

The first post…Our Home!

Welcome to my first post! I am so happy you’re here. I figured I should start with a little “get to know me” so here goes nothing…

I’ll take you back to 2010…..the craziest year of our life to date! My husband lost his job and was in school full time and I had just given birth to our first beautiful baby girl. Long story short, we survived on half of an income. Emotionally, we were OVERJOYED and so in love with our baby girl. Financially, We. Were. Scared.

Fast forward to September 2011 Hubs finished school and found a great job and I was back to working with clients full time. Our family was growing and we were on the hunt for a bigger home. With the help of the AMAZING Cliff Rego Real-Estate team (I can not thank them enough) we were able to sell our first home in 4 days!! They found us a lot, we designed our house and on September 3rd 2011 we took possession of our new family home! To say that we were excited was an understatement. We had come so far in one year. To be completely honest, the reality of this home felt like a dream. I thank God every single day that I am able to raise my family in this house. I take nothing for granted!

Move in day!!

Move in day!!

My Husband had so much hair!

My Husband had so much hair!

So let’s get to the fun stuff! Believe it or not, I had a hard time deciding on the finishes for our home. As a designer, I am exposed to so much and I wanted it all!!! I wanted our home to look custom and well thought out. Problem was, we were on a budget and couldn’t afford to break the bank on upgrades.

So this is what we did. Our money went into structural features such as large windows, 9′ ceilings, pot lights and custom cabinetry. The rest we decided, would slowly be changed out as we went along. I guess as they say….”Rome was not built in a day…” I hate that saying, but its true! Patience Thelma….patience….

Picture 4.

Our family room. Slowly adding pieces as we go and still trying to decide what to hang over the sofa.

Love all the natural light that floods our kitchen.

Love all the natural light that floods our kitchen.


We spend almost 2 years looking for the perfect bar stools. Then one day during a trip to Ikea, we stumbled upon these. They work perfectly for us!

We spend almost 2 years looking for the perfect bar stools. Then one day during a trip to Ikea, we stumbled upon these. They work perfectly for us!

When it came to designing the kitchen, I had three main criteria. 1) It needed to have a LARGE island so we could entertain our family and friends. 2) It HAD to be bright. We came from a dark kitchen and I didn’t want that again. I really wanted a space that was inviting and cheerful! I decided on Benjamin Moore’s Dune White CC-70 for the upper cabinets and Collingwood OC-28 for the lowers and island. We love the overall look. 3) EVERYTHING had to pull out. Drawers are the best way to keep “stuff” organized and allows for easy access.They were definitely worth the splurge! I have to send a HUGE thank you to BnD Woodworking for building all the cabinetry. We couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out!

Found our kitchen table at one of my favourite local stores, Cornerstone Interiors. The chairs were from Restoration Hardware

Found our kitchen table at one of my favourite local stores, Cornerstone Interiors. The chairs were from Restoration Hardware



Our front foyer.

Our front foyer.

My Grandama's bench.

My Grandama’s bench.

Laundry room details.

Laundry room details.

B's Nursery

B’s Nursery


V's Big Girl room

V’s Big Girl room

Slowly but surely, we’ll keep plugging away to make our house a home. I look forward to each project and all of the memories we’ll make along the way. For us, this home is a labour of love!

Thelma xo


Photography: distinctly-tee photography

Kitchen Table: Cornerstone Home Interiors

Dining Chairs: Restoration Hardware

Bar Stools: Ikea

Cabinet Hardware: Richelieu

Kitchen Cabinets: BND Woodworking

Light Fixtures (foyer/ kitchen): Lamps Plus (online)

Foyer Mirror: Homesense


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