I feel that so many of my posts stem from childhood memories or something that my Mom did as I was growing up. But many of the traditions that I had in my childhood home have found their way into my adult home, so it makes me happy to share them with you.

Growing up my Mom always had home baked goods in the house. It was always a special treat before bed. Perhaps not the healthiest option, but this to me was comfort. As for my Mom; this was how she showed love. And I always happily ate all the yummy cakes that she would make.

Today; my husband and I love having a coffee and a sweet before bed and cake is normally our go to! This Carrot cake recipe by Canadian Living has been a go to of mine for quite a while because its quick and super simple to whip up.




here is the link to the recipe!

Thanks for stopping by.

XO Thelma


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