A little of this a little of that and shopping Hauser outdoor furniture…

Happy Friday everyone! Wow…our little family had quite the eventful week!

On a whim, we decided to kick off the past weekend with a stunning house tour of a newly renovated bungalow in my home town of Cambridge. Designed by the super talented Amanda Forrest Interior Design Group and staged with the prettiest décor pieces from The Art of Home; this tiny house was transformed into a glamorous cottage in the city!! I am so looking forward to the full reveal on the Marilyn Denis Show!

amanda On Sunday we threw Miss. Vayda an awesome Sophia the 1st Princess birthday party.  How we have a four year old is beyond me?! I don’t know where time goes, I really don’t! This year I was super excited for her party, as it would probably be her first real memory of her very own birthday. That being said, we wanted to make it extra special and decided that her decorations would be a surprise.  So, Saturday night we tucked her in early and did as any parents would do…we stayed up until 2:00am and went overboard on decorations!  Her excitement on Sunday morning made our late night worth all the while!  It turned out to be an awesome party and we had (as Vayda would say) “the best day ever…”

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With the busy week behind me, I am looking forward to a relaxing and finally getting a chance to enjoy the outdoors. This awesome weather has me dreaming of creating the perfect backyard oasis, so I thought I would share some inspiration one of my favourite Canadian retailers. Hauser creates some of the most unique and custom pieces that are perfect for any outdoor space.


I love the company for many reasons. First off Hauser is Canadian and let’s face it; we don’t get to say that often enough.  Their upholstered pieces are not only stylish and comfy, but they also come in a multitude of colours giving you tons of design options. Lastly, they really make it easy to create the perfect outdoor space with oversized umbrellas, stylish rugs, lanterns and torches.





Shop on line or visit one of their many showrooms I promise you won’t be disappointed!

With that, I wish you all a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by.


Xo Thelma



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